Gott / God

There is but One infinite Intelligence, One infinite Presence, One Infinite Light, One infinite Love, One infinte Life, One infinite Power, One infinite Perfection that can act and that does act, and this is the Presence of God in you and in me.


We know from the Bible that God is I AM. This is the I AM, that I am and the same I AM that you are. This is the Cosmic Christ in all and as all, here and everywhere.


When you turn to the "outer" so called visible manifestations of this world through your five senses and give all kinds of expressions and appeareances power, your are attempting to serve a false master, because the outer expression can only find an appearance through the use of God's Mighty Life.


God's Mighty Life, which is the infinite Love-Light, is changeless, eternal perfection. This eternal, joyous, living, Self-conscious Love-Light is the one and only Substance there is, eternally changeless Perfection.


The only human there is, is I AM. The only animal there is, is I AM. The only plant there is, is I AM. We know that God created Man in His image and His likeness. We all are individualized manifestations of this One Creator who's nature is Light, Love, Life, Perfection.


The outer expressions are clothed, qualified, colored by the "human, mortal concepts" of the things of this world. The One Mighty Presence, which is the One and only Life there ever was, is and will be, enables the outer concepts to express.


Because humanity as a whole lives on this earth a life separate and apart from God, because the individual does not acknowledge God as its True Identity, does not live God's Law of unconditional love for the whole of God's Life, God's glorious, immortal Perfect loving Life is misused, misqualified through all these human, ungodly and unloving concepts. All these human, ungodly, unreal, unloving concepts produce all pain, all suffering, all diseases, all corruption, all lack, all limitations, all poverty, all violence, all war. And believing these ungodly, loveless, unintelligent, mortal concepts holds everyone individually in bondage to all the evils of this world.


The outer experience of Life is but a stream of constant, changing, passing pictures with  good and evil   that the outer human mind - a temporal, void mind empty of God's Love Reality - has created in this destructive, loveless imagination of assuming to be the Real.


The outer alone contains imperfection. God's nature is Perfection, and God is not the author of imperfection. God is Love and Love is not the author of suffering. God is Intelligence and Intelligence is not the author of unintelligent disease. God is Life eternal and Life eternal is not the author of death.


In order to bless those people who want to find the REAL and to show those who want to be the REAL a way to receive their divine inheritance we go deep into the things of God through an educational and enlightening possibility - Living Christ Way - taught through


ChristYoga Yogalehrer Ausbildung Nürnberg

ChristZen Lehrer Ausbildung Nürnberg


Daily Practise

Find here Version 1 and Version 2 to establish a daily practise that will help you establishing your connection with Christ in you.


Let it be followed by Silence and Contemplation.