Daily Acknowledgement/Tägliche Anerkennung Version 1


Daily Acknowledgement / Tägliche Anerkennung

Version 1

Proverbs 3. 6

King James

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths


Amplified Version

In all your ways know and acknowledge and recognize Him,

And He will make your paths straight and smooth [removing obstacles that block your way].



Make it a sincere daily practice to start your day with affirming God as your True Identity, every morning before leaving home. These statements are powerful Divine Truths and will change and raise your consciousness IF applied as a daily practice.


Give your time and your love to your God Presence within, your creator, your source, your sustainer, your supplier, your very Life.




I acknowledge God in me / Ich anerkenne Gott in mir


Mighty God, your name is I AM. I acknowledge You as the one and only infinite Presence here and everywhere.


Thou art radiant Light, Thou art pure Light, Thou art infinite Perfection. Because Thou art the infinite All-in-All Your Presence fills all infinite space, Thou art present here and everywhere.


Thou art the only activity here and everywhere. Thou art the activity of pure Love here and everywhere. Thou art the one and only glorious, changeless, ageless, eternal Substance and giver of Your Substance as everything. Your Substance is living Love-Light. Your Substance is every form, your Substance is every Thing. Every Thing is Your Substance, every form is Your Substance, and you are that Form. You appear as that form, Thou art in that form.


I thank you to know that Thou are me and I am Thou. We are One. We are eternally One. Therefore I am all Thou art. I am Your Love, I am Your Light made flesh, I am Your Perfection manifest as your beloved child, the Christ. You implanted Christ into me, through Jesus mighty work and resurrection you translated the mortal person with its mortal body into the Christ body, into His divine Being. I thank you and take it because I acknowledge Your mighty will be done unto me.


In thanksgiving I confess that I am the I AM Thou art, manifest as the Christ, your perfect and complete allness manifest, the child, meaning the visible embodiment, of the living God who’s nature is Light, Love, Wisdom and Power. I acknowledge that I am Your full, mighty Power acting eternally as me and through me as the Christ. Thou art the glorious Life I am. I am glorious, I am perfect, I am wonderful, I am pure Love.


Thou art I AM. Jesus Christ is I AM. I am I AM. Therefore Jesus and I are One in and as the glorious I AM Presence in action. I give my eternal vow to You beloved Father God, the I that I am, to give my Life to the Light to set all Life free from darkness, from bondage, from the oppressor which is the hypnotic activity of destructive mortal mind.


Beloved Father God in me and everywhere I thank you that through Jesus Your Almighty Love consumed all sins, all infirmities, all imperfections, all diseases, all pain, all debts, all evil and recreated me in body, mind and Self into Christ, Your perfect and complete idea of Your own Self, Your image and likeness, recreated my whole being into Your righteousness and true holiness. I praise you. I love You, beloved Father God, the I that I am, with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my soul, with all my strength. I love my neighbor as my Self. I thank You that You now recreate my old way of living into Your Holy Way, in raising the Life I am into Your perfect will, into Your Light, into Your Love to live now the perfect and eternal Jesus life, doing only Your perfect love will. Serving only You and expressing only Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Power, Your Perfection. I now live the Christ Life, giving Jesus full authority over the outer to raise the Life I am into His divine Perfection.


As the Christ I say to all mortal appearances, the adversary, within my body, my thinking, my feeling, my home, my own household, my affairs, my finances, my relationships, my business, my world, my Life and all Life everywhere: In Jesus almighty name I break your power, you evil appearances have no power over me! I AM Cosmic Christ Love and I am the only Presence and Power acting here and everywhere in perfect Divine Order. I am the Almighty Christ, and in Christ lack, limitations, imperfections, pain, disease do not exist.


I say to all appearances with full Christ authority: in the almighty name of Jesus Christ I break your power, you spirits of infirmity, you are dead now, Jesus defeated you already, He put you already under His feet. Be thou nullified, be consumed eternally from the face of the Earth. I AM Christ, the only Presence, Love, Power and Intelligence acting here and everywhere. As the Might I AM Presence, the Christ, the Sacred Light Flame, I take command and destroy victoriously in the name, the nature and the presence of Jesus Christ, as the Christ and in Christ every appearance less than Divine Perfection in my body temple, my home, my household, my family, my pets, my work, my business, my world, my Life and all Life everywhere.


As the Christ I am holding my dominion here and everywhere and qualify everything within my bod, my home, my household, my pets, my family, my relationships, my finances, my business with Divine Love, Light and Perfection.


I am rooted and grounded in the I AM, I am rooted and grounded in the Light, I am rooted and grounded in Love, I am rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ. I am pure Christ Love, all Power, eternal Victory, all authority and dominion over the adversary in Christ, immortal Life, boundless Joy, complete Fulfillment, the Divine Plan fulfilled and all of this is now established and all-powerfully active henceforth in my feeling, my thinking, my words, my deeds, my whole being, my world, my life for constant use, forever Self-sustained.


So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; It shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. And so be it. All glory to God, You magnificent Creator of all there is and every will be, you glorious One.