Daily Acknowledgement/Tägliche Anerkennung Version 2

Daily Acknowledgement/Täglicher Anerkennung

Version 2


John 17.21-22


21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:



Make it a sincere daily practice to start your day with affirming God as your True Identity, every morning before leaving home. These statements are powerful Divine Truths and will change and raise your consciousness IF applied as a daily practice.


Give your time and your love to your God Presence within, your creator, your source, your sustainer, your supplier, your very Life.



Acknowledging God as my True Identity


Beloved mighty, victorious Presence of God “I AM”. You are the source that is anchored within my heart, I love and adore you. I acknowledge you to be the


owner and giver of my life, of my intelligence, of my substance, you are my all! We are one, you are the infinite invisible and I am your visible manifestation, the Christ, anchored within my heart. All that you are I am.


I am I AM, I am the Christ, the Self-conscious, intelligent, changeless, perfect Sacred Love Light perfectly manifest as all forms. I am Christ manifest. Beloved Love Self I thank you that Jesus mighty work freed the Life I am from all darkness, bondage, sin, disease, pain, debts, lack, oppression, imperfections, from all curse and the Law and by your loving Grace translated me into Himself. I am now blameless, true holiness and righteousness, life immortal, life eternal, ageless, eternal youth in Christ. I am now translated into Christ and I take my place in Christ, because this is your will. As Christ and in Christ I am now eternal victory over all the works of the enemy, I am eternal victory over the prince of this world, the human mesmeric beliefs in two powers. I am the Light of this world, I am dominion over all evil. My Light destroys all evil. My Light blesses and destroys all mesmerism. I am settling all Life free eternally. I am Christ and I am complete and perfect in Christ and as Christ.


I acknowledge that you my beloved father God, the I am that I am, supplies always all my needs abundantly. I am Christ, and in Christ there is no imperfection, no sickness, no disease, no lack, no limitation, no poverty, nothing of the enemy. I have overcome the world and the prince of this world finds nothing in me because I resist evil I do not judge according to appearances but I judge righteous judgement.


Jesus has given me His almighty name and I take it. In Jesus name I do heal the sick. I am His name now and speaking His name Jesus heals through me always. I am one with God, I am one with Jesus and we are working now as One to set all Life free, to raise all Life out of darkness, to establish God’s kingdom of Perfection on Earth as it is in Heaven. God directs my steps through the still small voice and I am obedient only to His voice of Love. I am the divine plan fulfilled and this is my overflowing joy and fulfillment.


God pours through me in word, in deed, in love, in speech, in wisdom, in power. I am Christ in body, mind, activity and power destroying all evil in Jesus mighty name. All curse, all debts, all sins, all infirmities, all sickness, all limitations, all ungodly and unloving causes, effects and records were deleted through Jesus when He walked the earth. Through His blood I am cleansed, He saved me from darkness and defeated the enemy. I acknowledge Jesus as the savior of the individualized God-Life I am. Through Jesus I stand free now from the Law, I stand free from all Karmic accumulations if I do acknowledge it and I do, and I am living now by God’s Grace. Christ is now my life, my Self, my body, my mind. Christ is now alive in me doing His mighty work through me and is raising me up into His full stature. I live, yet not I, but Christ lives now my life. As Christ I demonstrate all power in Heaven and on Earth and set all Life free. He gave me His name which is above all names, I take it, I speak it and set the captives free. I am the ascended Christ body full of overflowing pure electronic Light Substance. I am God’s thoughts, I am God’s bliss, I am God’s words. I am God acting in full power and dominion over the adversary. I go where God wants me to go. He walks in me, talks in me, talks through me, heals through me and as me. I am Christ Power and Authority working as me, working through me, I am all Power casting out evil, healing the sick in Jesus name and nature. His name is my name now, because God said it so.


I command and receive and God is glorified through my receiving. By my receiving my joy is made full. I speak God’s words after Him, so I do know His will. I am always doing God’s will, His will is my will, because we are one. I know that God always hears and always answers me, because we are one. Because I know that God always hears and always answers me I have always all the good and abundant supply of every good and constructive thing I could possibly want, need or desire here in the physical and at any point or time in space. I shall decree a thing and it shall be stablished unto me and Light shall shine upon my way. Everything that I decree I am already as the Christ and I have it in the physical now to fulfill the divine plan. I am God’s prosperity manifest. My beloved God Self, my beloved Father God, really knows all my needs and it is His good pleasure to give me all that He has even without asking. Therefore I do have all the abundant perfect bounty of the God Kingdom I am right here in the physical for the perfect fulfillment pf the Divine Love Plan, right now even without taking thought because God’s infinite Wisdom and pure Love always supplies all my needs each moment in His miraculous and wonderful ways. I rejoice and give thanks to the glorious, magnificent Light I am. All glory to God, You wonderful giver of your own Self. I praise you. I bless you. I love you. I adore you. Thank you beloved I AM.


I am doing God’s will. In Jesus mighty name I heal the sick, I raise the dead, I cast out demons. I teach the good news, I set the captives free in the name and in the nature and in the authority of the Almighty Christ that I am. Amen.